Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Moving House

I've been offline for over a week now, and it's not as bad as I expected. I have a 3G dongle but made the mistake of logging out in Dalaran, and can't zone in before it disconnects. I'm sure the lag would have made it terrible, but I was planning to jump online, blow a titansteel cooldown and log off. That isn't happening.

Broadband SHOULD be at the new place by the 24th, so fingers crossed it is.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Had a couple of interesting experiences tanking recently, and the difference between them pretty intense. Settled has got a fair bit of tanking gear (509 defence at the moment) but needs a better sword than a Nagrand quest reward... There isn't really a decent level 80 crafted 1 handed defence weapon for paladins, so running Utgarde (Keep or Pinnacle?) for the red sword is going to be a priority. However, I decided to go it solo through some Burning Crusade instances to get used to being a tank.

It's got me used to Judging Wisdom and keeping Divine Plea active to keep my mana topped off (5,000 mana isn't really a lot if there's no replenishment). I've practiced at turning mobs around, and keep my back to a wall to stop them getting behind me. I've practiced pulling groups away from patrols, and keeping things moving from one group to another.

Admittedly, they weren't done on Heroic difficulty, so I'm not blowing a trumpet or anything, but I think I did rather well to complete both Underbog and Slave Pens without any help whatsoever. To be fair, the bosses were easier than the trash once I got my rotation worked out, but I'm pulling with the single target taunt then throwing Avenger's Shield into the mix and using a Judgement, Hammer of the Righteous, Shield of Righteousness, Consecration and Holy Shield. Remembering to ensure Righteous Fury is on and keeping a Seal active is also something I need to concentrate on.

I'm sure when I'm def capped, it'll be a straightforward job tanking heroics, and gear up for raiding.

The other "tanking" experience was very different. Sticking Demon Armor on instead of Fel Armor and spamming high threat spells (Searing Pain) against Mimiron (phase 3) was fun. I got about 130,000 threat lead then started opening up with my "normal" rotation and kept a clear mile above the rest of the dps when the magnets brought it down. We tried a different approach last night, and got Phase 4 to 0% head, 0% body and 2% base. The closest we'd ever been to downing it. The base went to 0% as the head regenerated. Gutted. Thinking about extending the raid next week to have a clear blast at Mimiron and try to get through to the last couple of bosses.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Glory of the Achiever

Ulduar again last night. Great group, got through to Iron Council (via Kologarn) without a single death, even doing hardmode Flame Leviathan (1 tower up) for the Orbital Bombardment. Silly wipe on the Council, maybe a fusion punch wasn't dispelled quick enough, or maybe too many of us were standing on the rune of power when we got hit by chain lightning, but it was inevitable that we weren't going to make it. Ran to the door, gave Divine Intervention to our priest for quick resurrection.

Next attempt, with 2x council members down and the third well on his way to a splitting headache in the morning, I popped my Iron Boot Flask and yelled "But I'm on your side!"

We farmed Auriaya again (she's getting boringly easy with our group composition and DPS) and moved onto Hodir, but time was getting the better of us. People have to work in the morning, and as such, we called it a night.

4x of us (Paladin tank, 2x Warlocks and a healy priest) decided to do the Daily Heroic (Utgarde Keep) and Daily Normal in Heroic mode (Utgarde Pinacle) - and as we had plenty of DPS (I was putting out 7K during AoE phases of the Gauntlet) we decided to play around a bit and go for the achievements. We did ALL the Glory of the Hero achievements for the two instances and, for me, completed King's Bane, Lodi Dodi We Loves the Skadi, The Incredible Hulk and On The Rocks.

This inspired us to get another member sometime soon and go for the proto-drake.

My Remaining Achievements for Glory of the Hero


* Split Personality
* Intense Cold
* Chaos Theory


* Watch Him Die


* The Party's Over
* Volazj's Quick Demise
* Respect Your Elders

Drak'Tharon Keep

* Consumption Junction
* Better Off Dred

Violet Hold

* A Void Dance


* What the Eck?
* Share The Love
* Less-rabi

Halls of Stone

* Good Grief
* Abuse the Ooze

Culling of Stratholme

* Zombiefest!

The Oculus

* Experienced Drake Rider
* Make It Count
* Ruby Void
* Emerald Void
* Amber Void