Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Latest EPIC gear

Last night was pretty fun, and got a couple of BIG upgrades, the first costing me pretty much my entire bankroll...

Visiting the Auction house, I decided that the pair of Leggings of Lost Love looked too good to pass up on. They were a few thousand gold less than a few days ago when I set my goal of getting them, and worried that someone might snap them up - so I logged onto my banker, pooled all my cash and bought them. Socketing, I can't seriously see myself upgrading these pants for a LONG time, so I bought a couple of nice gems, Runed Stormjewel and a Glowing Twilight Opal. I'll swap out the opal for something a little more epic when I can afford it :-)

Thankfully the tailoring Sanctified Spellthread enchant is, by comparison, dirt cheap ;-)

Raid start: 20:00. We went into Naxxramas again, this time into the plague and military quarters.

After successfully clearing the plague quarter (as usual) and passing on a couple of nice looking items that weren't much of an upgrade (they went to the baby lock and mage) We downed Instructor Razuvious and Gothik the Harvester, the latter dropping a Signet of the Malevolent which I rolled a 97 for (equal DKP)

Glad I'm finally hit-capped without a Draenei presence).

Raid ended: 23:00.


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