Friday, 3 July 2009

Fun levelling...

Had a LOT of fun levelling Settled last night, got to level 51 in about 3 hours, solo in Searing Gorge. Dropped a Flurry Axe which I may pass to Stólen if I ever level past 20. As he's my banker/auctioneer it's unlikely - but hey, a level 42 offhand that would see him to Outland is a nice investment. I guess it'll all depend on how much I want to level a rogue, and how much they sell for on the auction house. Some say it's a nice twink weapon for a combat rogue. If they're right, it might just get sold!

I still have to do Tanaris, Un Goro & Silithus; Blasted Lands, Both Plaguelands and Felwood - so that should be enough content (and quests) to get me to level 60. To be honest, I can't wait to get into Plaguelands and go crit-mad on the masses of undead. For now, I'll spend the weekend getting my rested xp up and go grind more leather on Treeleaf and get a few quests done. Once she's 74 there's some nice gear in the bank!


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