Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Dire consequences

Had a pootle around Dire Maul last night. Haven't been in there before except to do the Warlock Dreadsteed of Xoroth quest, and even then it was a stealthy in-out at level 60 with Jim on his level 70 lock banging the gongs

Managed to fall into the conservatory pretty early on, cleared around the place and pootled about some more looking for the way back to the instance door... finally finding pusillin and chasing him along to his "final resting place" where I looted the Crescent Key, giving me easy access to the other wings.

It also gave me The Keymaster which disappointingly doesn't come with a title. To say you need to do several dungeons, gain several reputations and complete several long(ish) quest chains to get this achievement, I think it should be rewarded with a vanity title.

So, cleared 2x wings killing Alzzin the Wildshaper (East) and Immol'thar (West) then went back to the AH with bags full of felcloth, herbs, books, librams and shards. Should be about 4-500G if they all sell.

The other reason for going back in was to get satyr blood for my Ritual of Doom. Being able to summon a doomguard (without killing a party member) is now not left to chance. It's guaranteed!

Maybe I'll pop into Dire Maul North tonight for a quick tribute run and sack King Gordok for the achievement.


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