Tuesday, 16 June 2009

More pootling and some BOOM!

Had a first look at Azjol-Nerub last night, taking a stroll through the Heroic instance with some guild mates. Got to the last boss without serious incident, though my sacrificial shield took a beating when I dragged a big bug off the tank and took a 13,500hp slap. Luckily it was on its last couple of thousand health so a rapid deathcoil finished it off and got me out of danger.

After a couple of wipes on Anub'arak we got the hang of the fight and downed him without too much trouble. The important thing is to concentrate on getting the poison-spitters down quickly, and not spend too long AoEing the non-elites, who don't really cause too much trouble. I found myself having to interrupt casts a lot when the rumbling underfoot started, as I wasn't getting far enough away from the tail spikes. Unlike a void zone (etc.) you can't simply sidestep after a tick or two of damage - you have to get right out of the area by at least 4 yards and fast!

So, chalk up "Defeat the Azjol-Nerub bosses on Heroic Difficulty" and the normal achievement too. Only need The Old Kingdom and The Occulus now for Northrend Dungeonmaster. Add to these, Heroic Drak'Tharon Keep and Gundrak and I'll have Northrend Dungeon Hero too!

Questwise, I finished a few more major chains off including forging the UBRS key (yes, I know it's no-longer an attunement, but it's another thing I can say I've done) and went back into Uldaman to re-create the necklace. Disappointed that the latter did not count towards Loremaster, but I'm happily sat at 665/700 Eastern Kingdom and 675/700 Kalimdor.

For Northrend, I've got to find 3 more quests in the Grizzly Hills, 2 more in Storm Peaks, and a whopping 23 more to find in Icecrown. Struggling slightly to get back into the Northrend content, especially grinding rep, but will most likely finish it off in a few days.

Tonight, is Oracles night... My egg will have hatched and I'll pick up the daily quests while I'm getting another. This will get me the "200 daily quests" achievement (I'll pick up fishing daily before I go in case it's the Ghostfish) then I might seriously consider another round of Hodir rep. Slaying a dragon with just a spear is SO satisfying!


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