Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Quest complete...

Until I get the coveted Loremaster title, I shall now be known as Everwrath the Seeker.

This adds to my list of titles which also include:

Ambassador Everwrath
Everwrath, Champion of the Naaru
Everwrath the Explorer
Everwrath Jenkins

Quite happy to find a couple of more smaller quest hubs that hadn't been finished. I gave up on Feathermoon Stronghold back at level 55ish when it was sending me to Dire Maul. At the time, no-one liked the place (hated was more the word) and finding a group to go in there was troublesome and usually involved bribing guildies with toast and cake. Now at 80, I can happily wander around on my own, killing anything that comes close enough to aggro me. Sneaked in, killed everything, hearthed out. 10 minutes work to do a couple of quests that would have taken upward of 2 hours 25 levels ago.

Would have been nice to have found them before I did the achievement runs last week though...

Adding item to my must-have list: Cowl of the Absolute.


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