Thursday, 11 June 2009

Messin' with the Horde

Had a quick run through Sethekk Halls in Heroic mode with a couple of guildie druids, one lvl80 and one lvl70 to get his swift flight form. Found the majority of the run quite easy except for the chain lightning totems, and not having a healer... Me and the big bear pretty much soloed the bosses and, being higher level and having less aggro radius managed to skip a couple of the bigger pulls. 2-man heroics are going to be a good source of income, as I earned about 50G in disenchanted materials, not counting the greys and gold picked up en-route.

As we weren't in Naxx last night, I decided to go finish off some of my questing and achievement hunting.

Soulstoned and flagged for PvP I took a little trip into Orgrimmar to find Ragefire Chasm and dispatch Taragaman the Hungerer.

Riding through the city, picking up a tail of Level 75 (elite) guards, Hunters Marks and Random potshots from lowbies, I found the instance entrance and thought I was home free.

Level 80 Rogue...

Stuns, Blinds, Dirty Tricks, kicks, gouges and eviscerates came flying at me out of nowhere. So I fought back with an instant Death Coil, instant backlash incinerate and prepared to fear him as the guards caught up with me and shield-bashed me. He (the Rogue) came and sat next to me, laughing. Of course, I had the last laugh as I popped my soulstone and stepped into the instance.

15 minutes later, the instance was cleared and I got my achievement.

Adding insult to injury, I also popped back out of the instance door (Hearthing would have been too easy) and messed with the guards a little more, this time gaining enough ground on them to go fishing. DING!


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