Friday, 19 June 2009

A handful of achievements

Huge set of completions last night, and feeling rather good about myself. Turns out that Icecrown will actually be "the final goal" in my epic journey towards a coveted title.

I made Grizzly Hills my priority, and yesterday morning petitioned a GM for a little assistance finding my missing quests. I knew I'd handed in the journal, as it wouldn't drop. 2 hours of grinding the hunters around the lodge is pretty conclusive proof. I didn't remember the blind woman making me drink anything, and I knew I hadn't saved the girl as I got a "discovered xxx" on the cave she sits in. He confirmed I hadn't finished the questline but I had turned in the journal, and perhaps I should go see Petrov at the mine to the north to continue the journey. After burning some scourge and drinking some moth dust, Ruula awarded me with a bit of gold, a "go see Sasha now" and a Fo' Grizzle My Shizzle. I picked up a couple of PvP dailies while I was pootling around fishing for Naxxfood (Try the Salmon) and surprised myself with 200 Daily Quests Complete.

Moving quickly on, The Summit of Storm Peaks came easily as I assumed that I'd done all the major hubs and that at least one questline would start from a drop. There's a few items that start quests in Storm Peaks that drop off mobs, and one that has a random spawn. As luck would have it, the first mob I killed dropped the first (thanks Wowhead for Item Filtering on searches), and a quick scout around the spawn points (thanks Cartographer Quest Database) I found the item at the second one I visited.

While waiting for Naxx to start, five of us had a quick blast around the Halls of Lightning - as it was the Daily Double. Quite succesfully managed to defeat General Bjarngrim in the Halls of Lightning on Heroic Difficulty while he has a Temporary Electrical Charge for the "Lightning Struck" meta-achievement, taking me a little closer to Glory of the Hero.

The guild Naxxramas run saw me Loot 100 Emblems of Heroism. and I also managed to acquire Heigan's dancing shoes after a successful left-right-left around the dancefloor of death. We cleared 2 wings (spider and plague) and got to gluth in the construct quarter but it was getting rather late and everyone was getting tired, so we called it rather than facing needless repair bills. We'll finish off on Monday.


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