Monday, 8 June 2009

Questing like mad!

Spent a bit of time over the weekend working on the Loremaster achievements, finding low level quests all over the place that I'd obviously skipped for one reason or another. Two or three of them ended up being pretty long chains with at least one "talk to the bloke next to me" stage. I like these.

Most of them, however, were "go visit someone on the other continent, grind something obscure with slow-respawn and low drop rates" which took a considerable time. all I can say is "Thank Ghod for 100% mount and having every flight-point" - It would have been a killer doing this at level 23!

Currently sat at 2973 of 3000 quests complete for the "seeker" title. As for the pre-BC areas, I'm now at 607/700 for the Eastern Kingdoms and 623/700 in Kalimdor.

A few people were asking me while gaining Timbermaw rep (now revered) how I was running at full pelt through masses of mobs and they all seem to follow me then die a couple of seconds later. I use the following macro:

/script ClearTarget()
/script TargetNearestEnemy()
/cast Corruption

Need to remember to put VW on passive or it 1-hits the mob before corruption kicks in and I get no loot and no kill.


Everwrath of Silvermoon said...

Actually, that's my old macro. TargetNearestEnemy is now a Blizz reserved function, only callable programatically, not with a macro. Kinda sucks but I got around it eventually ;-)

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