Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Everwrath, King of the Gordok Ogres

Last night I did indeed finish the King of Dire Maul with a tribute run. I also used the opportunity to obtain several bits and pieces for the various low level quests I'm finishing off - but still have a LONG way to go for the loremaster - maybe 250 quests or so in Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor.

I had a swift run through Razorfen Downs, ganking Amnennar the Coldbringer for the dungeon achievement, then realised there was a quest to kill him when I checked wowhead later. Bring the Light given by Archbishop Bendictus in Stormwind Cathedral has never flagged up on my minimap, but maybe I'll go talk to him before I head back out there and get him again on my way to Razorfen Kraul. There seems to be a few other quests in the area, but probably mostly for the horde.

More later :-P


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