Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Settled takes a trip to the trainers...

Well, yesterday was fun. Thrashed my way through Stranglethorn completing quests left, right and centre... Didn't have any trouble getting packs of 3-4 mobs and grinding through troll ears, tusks, crystals and hides. Finished off the quests I had and headed back to Stormwind, determined to ditch Blacksmithing and pick up Jewelcrafting. That's when it hit me...

There isn't really a very good reason for jewelcrafting. It's a money-sink. It'd take up all the ores that I mined (which I was planning on selling or engineering) for very little benefit. Inscription, on the other hand, is a great way to make money high-end. Everyone needs glyphs, and I already have a herbalist with a bank rammed full of herbs. So, the deciding factor was getting to outland or Exodar for the trainer - whereas Inscription trainers are pretty much everywhere.

The Shoulder enchants will reduce the need for me to grind a THIRD lot of hodir rep, and umm... it's new, it's going to be fun, it's just a matter of untraining BS and talking to that nice person over there!

Three letters packed with herbs were quickly requested and I started milling pigments for inks.

These macros helped a LOT, not having to click-click-click and hunt around in bags for herbs increased efficiency greatly!

Alabaster Pigments:
/cast Milling
/use Bloodthistle
/use Peacebloom
/use Silverleaf
/use Earthroot
/use Mageroyal
Dusky Pigments:
/cast Milling
/use Briarthorn
/use Swiftthistle
/use Bruiseweed
/use Stranglekelp
I had enough herbs to get to about 80-90 skillpoints and inscribed the Glyph of Hammer of Justice to increase the range of my judgements. As the Pack of Endless Pockets is only 8 Heavy Borean Leather, I'll get Treeleaf to make one soon and throw it in the bank to hold all my excess inks and pigments. 32 slots should take a while to fill up, unless I decide to level Rerolled up and go herbing regularly. She's only 22 so I'm not looking forward to it!

Having just dinged 46, and being in Stormwind, I thought it best to visit the Cathedral and have a look at what nice new spells and abilities I had waiting for me. That's when it hit me again...

Last time I played was before the talent changes, and my previous spec was a mixture of ret/holy with a couple of tanking talents to be able to grab a shield and keep a small group of adventurous explorers alive. I'd never been so deep into the ret tree, and had just done the last level without a huge heap of spell upgrades. Some of the new stuff was "requires level 12" so I'm pretty sure I should have had it a long time ago. Spent a good few gold on myself :-)

Getting back to levelling, I've decided to head up to the Hinterlands, and boy, have I noticed how much faster I rip through things with spells that aren't downranked!


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