Monday, 1 June 2009

PvP Part I

Decided to give PvP another go, but very tired of getting 1-hit by pretty much any class out there, and hating rogues with their various methods of stunning me, so I ditched my entire wardrobe of lvl 70 Tier4 pvp gear and crafted myself a full set of frostsavage battlegear.

On top of that, I decided to buy some eternal shadow cheaply on the AH and made myself a Cloak of Crimson Snow taking my resilience rating (without enchants) to 379.

Not only did it clear up a load of bank space taken up by cloth, dust and eternals, but it also gave me 8 skill points in tailoring - up to 440 now!

Taking my new garb into the battlegrounds must have scared the bejassus out of the horde (yeah right) but I managed to grab the following achievements:


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