Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Universal Tier Tokens?

Looks like the Tier 9 vendors on the PTR are geared up for swapping a single tier token for a multitude of slots... Coliseum bosses will apparently all drop one of three tokens:
What this will mean to a LOT of people, especially as the bosses are rotated weekly, is they CAN miss a raid or two due to other commitments and not have to wait months for the shoulder piece to drop.

I'll be happier when I find out which bosses these drop from... if they drop off the 5, 10 and 25 man coliseum it'll be very quick to gear up, with a good bit of luck from the RNG getting 1x Protector per run, a guild's warrior MT could be fully tiered within 8 days! However, if they only drop in 25 Man Heroic and you are unlucky, you could be getting Tier10 from cereal packet tokens before you get your first /roll.


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