Monday, 29 June 2009

Everwrath's on holiday

I can never say being a Warlock is boring, as it's one of the most versatile DPS classes - with the tools to perform most tasks efficiently. Grinding for rep is, however, pretty boring when you can 1-shot most pre-bc mobs, and gathering them with pets for AoE is dangerous, as the voidwalker tends to hit way too hard against level 40 furbolgs ;-)

As I've been ripping through lowbie areas like a deranged ret-pally, I've decided to take a break and level my ret-pally (and finally my hunter).

Treeleaf, the hunter is now level 70 and in Northrend, skilling up leatherworking and gathering materials for sale or use. Will be doing a few quests as well, but going to grind a lot of xp and leave the last 3-4 zones for cash generation (Average 13G/quest at lvl 80 soon mounts up!).

Settled, my paladin is level 45 (just dinged over) and in Stranglethorn at the moment. Loads of quests still available and plenty of rested XP so will most likely be going through the Dark Portal in a few days. She's a miner by trade, and will possibly drop blacksmithing for Jewelcrafting or perhaps even Inscription... Having Blacksmithing used to be great for the BoP weapons they created, but I'm struggling to find a reason to keep it post Wrath. According to Wowhead there's nothing above a level 78 blue that's BoP and blacksmith created, and an extra socket or two isn't that beneficial when you compare with engineering trinkets, ring enchants (which are being buffed in the next patch) and JC created items. Being Draenei and a miner I'm most likely to be going down the JC route...

Again, for pure cash generation I'm going to leave outland and northrend until the xp in the current zone isn't worthwhile, and get as much xp in instances and bc heroics as possible. If I can be level 74 before I hit Northrend I'll make thousands in quest rewards while finishing off all the quests.

Having three level 80's (including tank/healer) will be a lot more fun than just endlessly outputting damage - and should give me a much bigger endgame challenge.

p.s. made 4x frostweave bags from the mats in my bank for Settled and got 2x skill points even though the recipe is green. Very happy!


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