Monday, 15 June 2009

Slow progress

Had a little downtime over the weekend and finished off a few more quests. Currently sitting at 656/700 Eastern Kingdom and 675/700 Kalimdor but was highly disappointed that a couple of the quests that took a fair bit of time didn't count towards the Loremaster achievement. However, 69 quests to go and a few of those are done and ready to hand in when I pass the zone they belong to.

What does nark me slightly is that now I'm getting to the end of the line with a lot of hubs, the quests are for raid instances. While I'll *probably* get round to them when the guild next decides to have a break from Naxxramus and go do some old-school raiding, it's not getting me very far. That said, however, some of the raid quests I've been given have been soloable and completed when not in a raid group - so that's fine by me. Doubt if I could manage Blackwing Lair on my own though, due to the sheer number of adds and the fact that I'm a clothie.

Had another venture into Scholomance to kill Vectus (putting down Dawn's Gambit in the viewing room) but completely missed the opportunity to pick up the other quest that the SAME quest giver had for me, to kill the whelplings. Might have to pop back in for that, but it CERTAINLY won't be a full clear. I really do hate the place, especially the ones that are immune to spells.

Furnished off the Uldum questline (the platinum disks from Uldaman) which was a big boost to the numbers - especially as the end of the quest has a few "go talk to " stages, and talking to the image was at least 2 quests.

Slightly narked that the tactical / combat / logistical quests in Silithus don't count towards Loremaster either. There's at least 12 combat tasks, which, while being repetitive grinds is STILL 12 quests completed - and I'm told that the followup quests from handing in the badges to get Battlegear don't count either - so I'm not wasting any more time in that hellhole! If I'm still a couple of quests short, I might go back for the Abyssal Dukes grind, as I'm told that they DO count.

Speaking of grinding, another thing I've been getting on with is the repetitive slaughtering of Magram Clan centaurs JUST to "change sides" and pick up 3-4 quests for the other lot. saw a few people while running around taking on 1-2 at a time, so I grouped them for a few minutes and passed on loot so they got both reputation and centaur ears for their questing. I figured it'd be nicer to them than constantly leaving dead bodies in their path.

Lastly, I've been informally challenged to "Go solo onyxia" so I'll try my best to find out if I've done Victory for the Alliance yet and see where on the questline I might be at. Have a feeling I've already done it though - so maybe a few more quests towards the achievement can be handed in on the way...


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